Management of Large Outdoor Sites: Making It Easier with IoT

March 07, 2019

Being a manager means bearing the burden of responsibility.

On large-scale outdoor projects, working with powerful equipment and dealing with a litany of potential hazards, that burden can be significantly heavier. Whether it’s equipment allocation and procurement, employee productivity, contractor billing and accountability, employee safety, or all of these at once, the buck stops with you.

It's Not About 5G: Your Mobile Customer Craves Uninterrupted Connectivity

March 01, 2019

While the promise of 5G networks captures imaginations, proactive wireless operators can capture mobile customers. Learn why and how you should take action on network performance and QoS from the articles below.

5G is the Future, but Intelligent Connectivity Matters Today

February 21, 2019
Insiders and enthusiasts continue to buzz about the 5G future.  But you don’t have to wait
for 5G to get better wireless performance and happier mobile customers.

Digital Board Governance is Making Action Easier

February 01, 2019

New specialized portals will help those striving to practice good governance optimize, centralize, and expand their use of digital tools, while still pleasing the traditionalists. After examining the need for digital governance platforms, we look at a new partnership between Mesquite ISD in Texas and NXTBoard, part of the surge towards digital board governance.


The Story of the Brick Moon

October 15, 2018


Satellite Calling Will Matter Sooner Than You Think

October 04, 2018

Satellite connectivity is entering a renaissance. Learn how it got here, who needs it, and how you'll be using it moving forward:

How Did Satellite Technology Take Off?

September 20, 2018

Read about the growth of satellite technology:

  • Thinkers, theories, and visionaries before the first satellite
  • The dawn of the space age
  • Iconic satellites in the early days of orbital technology
  • The lasting utility of satellites

Industry Veteran Vince Butta Takes Marketing Helm at Carnegie Technologies

August 29, 2018

Mobile technology developer accelerates aggressive growth strategy with key appointments, office expansions and new product launches

Carnegie Technologies, a leading wireless communications solutions provider, officially announced today that is has appointed Vincent Butta, a visionary executive with more than 30 years of international business leadership experience, as Carnegie’s Chief Marketing Officer. 

How Carnegie Could Have Saved the Life of John Dutton’s Son

July 11, 2018

I got hooked on the new Kevin Costner series Yellowstone as much as the rest of the nation.  It’s a rare look into the backend of the American ranching industry, albeit wrapped around our country’s love of gangsters, action and family drama.    But as I watched the first episode, I couldn’t help but look at it from a completely different angle than most, one where had family patriarch John Dutton come to me first, he could have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and <spoiler alert ahead> most importantly, his son’s life. 

The Emperor Has No Clothes:  Is Throttling Inevitable as Many Suggest Or Are We Just Missing the Bigger Picture?

September 05, 2017

By now you probably know that Verizon wireless has begun putting caps on video streaming applications such as Neflix and others (read The Verge article here outlining the changes).  When we called the provider to ask, the sales agent was very quick to correct us when we used the word “throttle” and told us that it wasn’t at all throttling but instead “prioritization” of traffic based on the subscription plan of the user.